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Take Part In One Of My Personal Development Seminars in Prince George, VA

Personal Development Seminars & Consulting in Prince George, VA

Stop the killing with my consulting and personal development seminars from Prince George, Virginia. I head seminars and provide consulting to groups and individuals so they can improve themselves and their communities and ultimately stop the killing. Additionally, you can read my self-development books to learn more about a variety of important topics.


It is a challenge for people to understand who they are and why they are here. To relay the message to others is uniquely challenging as well. Understanding who you are and why you are here enhances your life and allows you to use your God-given abilities to stop the killing.

My seminars aim to change lives and help stop the killing in our communities. These black community seminars are about liberation, and I equip attendees with the information they need to lead better, more successful lives.

To learn more about my seminars or to attend one, contact me. My personal development seminars are held online or in person. I am willing to travel, so contact me for travel arrangements.


Teach others how to transform their lives. I provide black community consulting on how to lead others to improve their lives and help stop the killing. This hands-on training will show you how to mentor others and help them lead more productive lives.

Charles E. Pender Ph.D Offers Black Community Seminars in Prince George, VA

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