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Crucifixion Discussed in My Civil Rights Seminars in Prince George, VA

About Chuck Pender of Prince George, VA

Get to Know Charles E. Pender Ph.D.

Chuck Pender of Prince George, VA, is a Ph.D and Community Leader

Civil Rights Experience

My name is Chuck Pender from Prince George, VA, and I come from a breed of civil rights icons and heroes who tirelessly worked to mend the communities in which they lived and orchestrated programs to stop the killing of innocent men and women. Their motto was "let us turn to each other and not on each other," and it was endorsed by such luminaries as Rev. Joseph Lowery, who was the national president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and headed the Stop the Killing Campaign.

I carried on this message through my work as the president of the Hopewell Action Counsel, a division of the SCLC Virginia Chapter and by working with the SCLC Virginia Chapter president, Milton H. Richardson. Mr. Richardson was credited with changing the name of the Colonial Heights Bridge to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bridge in Colonial Heights, VA. He was also instrumental in having Walmart come to Petersburg, VA, and provide the community with jobs. I provide civil rights seminars and teach others important life values.

Other well-known and influential SCLC participants with whom I have worked over the years include Herbert Colton, the vice president of the SCLC Virginia Chapter and a Petersburg resident and Dr. Curtis W. Harris, the president of the Chapter. Dr. Harris was the first African-American mayor of Hopewell, VA, and I served as his campaign manager. Both Mr. Colton and Dr. Harris were close associates of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Currently, I serve as the pastor of the Everyday Church which has over 4,000 members worldwide and counting. As the pastor, I send out daily textural Scriptures for encouragement to be passed along to someone else. I also offer self-development books that teach readers important values.


  • Carter G. Woodson High School, Hopewell, VA
  • Virginia Union University, Richmond, VA
  • Carolina University of Theology, Masters Doctorate in Counseling Psychotherapy, Manassas, VA
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Dissertation Research, Richmond, VA
  • Saint Leo University
  • Vision International University

Memberships and Associations:

  • Certified Christian Marriage Therapist
  • 33rd Degree Grand Inspector General in the Freemasons
  • Honor of Appreciation from Virginia State University
  • Everyday Church, Current Pastor
  • Pittsburgh Baptist Minister Association - Current Member
  • Prison Fellowship Ministries - Past President
  • John Randolph Medical Center - Former Chaplain
  • Hiram W. Davis Medical Center - Former Chaplain

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